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Issued on : 07-25-2006
“Buy Three and Get One Free”for DDR2 667/533“Fully Buffered DIMM”
~The Greatest Deal You've Ever Had!~

ADATA Technology Co., Ltd, the global leading memory module manufacturer, is now having a big promotion for DDR2 667/533 Fully Buffered DIMM – an amazing solution support for the next generation Intel-based servers! ADATA provides the greatest deal you’ve ever had – “Buy three and get one free!” To be responsible for customers, ADATA provides the lifetime warranty for FB-DIMM.

Fully Buffered DIMM, an Intel validated innovation product under ADATA’s DDR2 Series, provides advanced performance for the next generation servers and is highly compatible with any AMB. All signals including clock, addresses, command, and data are buffered by high-speed AMB. Fully complies with Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council standard (JEDEC), FB-DIMM is definitely the best choice for your server.

In addition, Fully Buffered DIMM applies an innovative “Point-to-Point” connection on the bus thereby increasing the bus speed with shorter connection path and greatly improves the maximum number of DIMMs up to eight 2-rank DIMMs. Also, the Daisy-Chain interconnection which is applied to AMB to AMB or to DRAM solves the cross-talk problem as well as ensures the high quality of data transmission. Furthermore, Fully Buffered DIMM not only supports MEMBIST and IBIST, but also has Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) and Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) data protection functions.

ADATA’s big promotion period is from July 19, 2006 to September 30, 2006. Do not hesitate and take this great opportunity to enjoy the excellent performance of Fully Buffered DIMM!

About ADATA Technology

Leading international memory product manufacturer ADATA Technology provides comprehensive, efficient after-sales service. Besides providing a lifetime guarantee, ADATA Technology also offers customers a unique memory card data back-up service, giving you maximum convenience. In the future, ADATA Technology will remain committed to innovation, developing a wide range of digital memory products to enrich your digital lifestyle, and using the latest technologies to meet your needs. To find out more about ADATA Technology and its products, please visit us at:

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