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USB Flash Drive Online Recovery
USB Flash Drive Online Recovery is a repair tool that saves you time and effort. If, when you connect the flash drive, the drive cannot be read, or if you see a message saying that the drive needs to be formatted, you can use this online tool to attempt to repair the device. The easy to understand interface can be an immediate solution to existing problems on the drive, saving you time and money. This online tool is accessible from anywhere on the internet, and available 24 hours a day.

* The repair process will delete all data on your flash drive. Please backup all data before using.
* This software will restore the drive function, but not recover data on the drive.
* Hardware Requirements: Support for USB 2.0 port, internet connection (This software requires an active online connection to function)
* System Requirements: Windows XP SP3 or later (login with Administrator rights)

■Step 1. Unpack the compressed file to C:\
■Step 2. Insert the USB device
■Step 3. Download and click ORU.exe The following display will appear
■Step 4. When the USB drive is detected, you will have the choice to repair
Repair progress status will display.
■Step 5. Repair finished OK
 Repair failed. If you encounter this message, please contact ADATA Customer Service
1. Will this utility repair corrupted data?
*The repair process will delete all data on the flash drive, so backup data beforehand if possible.
*This software will restore the drive function, but not recover data on the drive.

2.What are the system requirements?
* Hardware requirements: USB 2.0 port, internet connection (the software needs to connect to the network)
* System Requirements: Windows ® XP SP3 or later (must login with Administrator rights)

3.Can the utility software for the C003be used to repair a C008 flash drive?
* No. Each model of USB flash drive requires a specific software download.

4.What should I do with a flash drive that occasionally cannot be read, or results in a ‘drive needs to be formatted’ message when I connect it to the computer?
* This may be caused by an abnormal connection between the drive and the computer, or an error with the computer itself, leading to damage to the flash drive firmware. Do not immediately send the drive to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. The online repair utility can quickly determine the operational status of the drive.

5.When should I use this software?
* When any of the following three conditions occur when you use your flash drive, they are an indication of file damage or
corruption which can be repaired by this software.
1.Unable to write data to usable space on drive
2.Unable to format
3.Device is found by system, but cannot be read.

6.What does it mean if the online utility does not work, and the device cannot be detected?
*Not an ADATA product
*Wrong model number entered, and incorrect software used.
*Serious damage to the drive. Return to the manufacturer for repair.

7.After I used my flash drive for some time, and then used this repair utility, the drive capacity was reduced. What’s up with that?
* Over time, saved files within the device will inevitably cause wear and tear on the storage medium.
The online repair software will detect such damage and mark those sections of memory so that the system will not use them.
This results in the device showing a lower capacity than it originally had.


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