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Because of the liability associated with casino entertainment and gaming machines, casinos require the ultimate in security, stability and reliability for in-memory data preservation, as well as support for non-stop 24-hour operation. ADATA has invested considerable resources to develop and provide the best solutions for casino customer applications. ADATA’s firmware team has developed specialized ATA Security commands enabling write protect switch blocks or customization of special services. These commands can also be used in conjunction with BIOS firmware, thus restricting access to critical data via special read/write and passkey controls.

ADATA’s industrial grade memory modules and storage media can withstand harsh environmental temperatures (-40ºC – +85ºC) as a part of their normal operation.  Flash storage media provides different options such as the SLC / A + SLC / MLC.  In the case of an unstable power supply, PLP (Power Loss Protection) can effectively prevent data loss and system damage during power spikes or outages, helping ensuring the stability and reliability of your casino and entertainment machinery and electronics.

  • IDC3B

    Industrial SD

    ˙ Compliant with SD3.0
    ˙ R/W: 80/60MB/s
    ˙ Supports SD/SPI modes




    ˙ CFast 2.0 specifications
    ˙ R/W 165MB/170MB
    ˙ Supports S.M.A.R.T


  • ISSS312 MLC


    ˙ Power Loss Protection
    ˙ Write Protection
    ˙ ADATA A+ SLC support



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