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DRAM Modules Q&A
Q1: How to apply Intel XMP in maximizing your PC’s performance?
Q2: I installed my new DDR3 1600 4GB single side memory module, and now the computer won’t boot. Why?
Q3: Why does my ADATA overclocking module just boot at standard SPD?
Q4: Does ADATA manufacture its own IC products? If not, where do ADATA brand IC items come from?
Q5: Why is a burned pin is considered to be user-caused damage rather than a product quality issue?
Q6: How do I plug the module into the memory slot of the motherboard? Are there any suggestions or tips?
Q7: How to change the SPC settings?
Q8: How can the module be made to perform even better than its specification?
Q9: May different spec modules be used together if not under the dual channel purpose?
Q10: What is CL?
Q11: Can the dark spots or dust on pins be cleaned with naphtha or other cleanser?
Q12: What is ECC?
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